Hahhahaha OH fuck

I’m 30 next month, man what the fuck have I done with my life! Fuck, the terror, sheer unadulterated terror. Time to get money go places, play more shows. Maybe try and tour. Terror.


LIFE @antiknock Tokyo 1st June2014

By having wine

I meam ingesting copious amounts. Highway to the fuckinh dangerzone over here.

Listening to Japanese speed metal

Having wine smoking too much. Shouldnt have started getting on it so early. Gonna be wankered before the nights out. Living the dream, well…an alcoholics dream at least.

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Warsore | Ritual Hate


Well I went to the dole office yesterday and it looks like im going to a disability employment agency thing because my leg is still fucked (last 2.9 years of my life wasted rebuilding it) because I am listed as max hours a week at 29. Well that is better than seeing fuckers who will try and teach me how to write a resume and try to make me do jobs that involve standing for 8 hours a day. I have a degree but theres no jobs in that field suitable at the moment. Better to go and see people who understand than wankers waiting for the government kickback from getting me any job. Ill get there soon.